May 2007 Show

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Medium- Oil on Papyrus
Title-Colors of Spirituality
Size- 21.5 x 31

Medium- Pen & Ink wit h Acrylic Wash
Title-Festival of Drums
Size- 17 x 20

Medium- Pastels
Title-Camels and Friends
Size- 25 x 31.5

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Ode to Power (Panj-tan-paak in abstract)
Size- 25.5 x 32.5

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Doorways to Life
Size- 18 x 24 Pair

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Riverside Palace
Size- 18.5 x 22.5 pair

Medium- Acrylic on Glass
Size- 15” Diameter

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Golden tiles
Size- 13 x 13 three pieces

Medium- Pencil
Title-Mama’s Baby
Size- 22 x 26

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Blushing Lily
Size- 24 x 24

Medium- Oil
Title-Serene Sunset
Size- 31.5 x 25.5

Medium- Oil
Title-Grazing Period
Size- 22.5 x 26.5

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Panj tan Paak
Size- 21 x 25

Medium- Mix Media
Size- 36 x 36

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Natures Escape
Size- 25 x 32

Medium- Water Colour
Title-Sunshine Girls
Size- 24.5 x 30.5

Medium- Acrylic on Glass
Title-Kalima in abstract
Size- 11” x11”

Medium- Acrylic on Glass
Title-Allah & Ali
Size-8” diameter plate

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Swirling Darweshis
Size- 28 x 32

Medium- Acrylic on Foil
Title-The Continuation- Allah, Muhammed & Ali
Size- 20 x 24

Medium- Oil
Title-Rustic Avenue
Size- 45 x 59

Medium-Water Color
Title-Treasured Villas
Size- 25.5 x 30.5

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Whispering Weeds
Size- 18 x 32

Medium- Water Colour
Title-Bride in Waiting
Size- 25.5 x 32

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Faluka’s Sunset
Size- 19.5 x 23.5


Medium- Oil
Title-Rocky Abode
Size- 12 x 48

Medium- Acrylic
Title-Rainbow Huts
Size- 16 x 38

Medium- Mix Media on Glass
Title-Green, Purple & Golden Tombs
Size- 14” Diameter