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The Beginning
Medium. Acrylic
Size. 30x40 inches 

Heavenly abode
Medium. Acrylic
Size 4 by 5 ft

Heading home
Medium. Water colour
Size. 18x24 inches

Rumi’s Shrine
Medium  Acrylic
SIze  30x30 inches

In Tune With God
Medium Mix media on glass plate

Smoky Bloom
Medium  Acrylic
Size 36x48 inches

Soulful Dance
Medium  Acrylic
Size  36x 48 inches

Allah is the Light of Heavens and Earth
Medium  Acrylic
Size  30x36inches

Golden Reflections
Medium  Acrylic
Size  36x48 inches

Fruit Galore
Medium  Acrylic on metal plates

Mish Mash
Medium. Mix media on metal

Subhan Allah and Alhamdu Lillah
Medium Mix media
Size  16x16 inches