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His Highness,The Aga Khan
Medium Pastels


Place Museum (Udhaipur, India)
Medium Acrylic

The Red Umbrella
Mix Media

Allah is the Light of Heavens and Earth
Medium Acrylic

Medium: Acrylic

Rainbow Bear
Medium Acrylic


The Most Beneficient, The Most Merciful.
Medium Acrylic

Blue Reflections
Medium Water Colour

Old is Gold
Medium Oil

Bismillah at Rahmaan nir Raheem
Mix Media

The Most Supreme
Medium Acrylic on Glass Plate

Beautiful Names of Allah
Mix Media

The Beginning
Mix Media

Allah, Ali and Muhammed
Mix Media

Peace and Love
Mix Media on Glass Plate

Between Sun and Moon 
Medium Acrylic on Cloth

The Golden Leaf
Mix Media